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Plant Society

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Dette er boken for deg som trenger tips til hvordan du steller plantene fra stell til omplanting. Du får en innføring i de 25 beste innendørs plantene og stylingtips til hvordan du dekorerer rommene med planter. Denne boken vil gi deg de grønne fingrene du alltid har lengtet etter!

Plant Society is your 101 guide on how to love and keep indoor plants. Even if you've killed every house plant in the past, plant-cultivator and stylist Jason Chongue will show you that it's really not that difficult. Covering everything from basic plant care and re-potting, to plants suited to pets and propagating, this book will help remove your fear of gardening and inspire you to create you own indoor oasis. It includes profiles of 25 ideal tropical indoor plants, organised from the most low-maintenance species through to the more exotic and labor-intensive plants. On top of this, the book offers styling advice including how to decorate different rooms in your home with plants, as well as suggestions on pots and planters to give your plants more personality. Throughout the book, you'll also find interviews with 'Plant People' from around the world, who provide an insight into their unique relationships with house plants. Indoor gardening really is this simple and fun!



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