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Cura Oil Nature, Indoor

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Skageraks naturlige treolje er designet for å beskytte og styrke treoverflater på tresorter som eik, teak, kirsebær og mahogny. Siden den naturlige oljen metter og mørkner overflaten litt, får den frem den naturlige skjønnheten i treet og etterlater den godt næret, motstandsdyktig mot vann, smuss og fett.

Leveringstid ca 2 uker

1. Sand down the surface with sandpaper grit 180. Wipe off the wood dust with a dry cloth afterwards.
2. Clean the wood with Wood Cleaner. After cleaning, let the surface dry for at least 8 hours at room temperature.
3. Stir the oil thoroughly before use.
4. Use a paintbrush to apply a suitable amount of oil in an even, adequate coat.
5. Wait approx. 30 minutes as the oil penetrates the wood. Apply once more if dry spots appear.
6. Carefully polish the wood using a polishing pad. This makes the surface more hard-wearing.
7. Next, wipe off all excess oil using a lint-free cotton cloth. Do not leave any excess oil on the surface.
8. Wait one hour and repeat step 3-7. The surface should be treated 2-3 times before taken into use.
9. During the last treatment (at step 4) sand the wood while the surface is still wet with oil. Sand lengthwise the wood grain with sandpaper grit 280-320 and wipe off all excess oil using a lint-free cotton cloth.
10. After 24 hours at room temperature, the surface is ready to use. Do not let the wood become wet during the hardening process. The oil is fully hardened after 1 week. The surface should be treated with caution during this period. Liquids must be wiped off.

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